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I have for sale a xxxx Built Rite double deck trailer for transporting boats and vehicles. VIN number 1Z9BBxxxx8Mxxxx12. This a great trailer for pulling behind your motor home. It is designed to hold a full size pickup/Suburban on the bottom deck and a 2,500 lb. boat on the top deck. If you had a smaller SUV you could easily transport a golf cart and small SUV on lower deck with boat on top deck. This is an extremely well made trailer. It has electric over hydraulic breaks, hydraulic upper deck and a heavy duty wench. The wench is used to pull the boat on the trailer. I have attached a link to the Built Rite web site which shows a video of this trailer being loaded and unloaded. A picture is worth a thousand words. My wife and I could load and secure the car and boat in less than 40 minutes and unload in slightly less time. The controls are extremely easy to run. http